We present to your attention an Illadelph Cooling Spiral Beaker bong with a spiral cooling chamber, into which glycerin or oil can be poured and cooled in the refrigerator, the smoke passing through the spiral surrounded by chilled oil is additionally cooled, the chamber is connected to a Beaker-shaped base and fastened with a reliable plastic clip to it .

The bong is made of Pyrex heat-resistant borosilicate glass in two colors - transparent and with blue glass inserts.

Classic prints with the Illadelph logo on the bong will always delight you and your friends with a striking appearance.

Also, such a bong will be a great gift for friends and relatives!


Material: Pyrex Glass Borosilicate Glass

Height: ~ 14 ", height - 27 cm.

Bowl Caliber: 14.5 mm

Glass Thickness: About 5mm

Color: Transparent with blue

Reusable and easy to clean. Modern and pleasant design.

Allow you to enjoy the full flavor of your smoke while reducing the pitch and sharpness of the smoke.

Package Includes

1 × glass 2 pieces glass bong

1 × glass perforated down

1 × glass bowl 14.4 mm

1 × plastic clip

Illadelph Cooling Spiral Beaker is a glass bong with innovative cooling and a base with a Bicker shape, the bong has a stylish design and advanced functionality.


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