According to Icelandic sailors, Kraken needs three months to digest swallowed food. During this time, he allocates so many nutrient excrement that clouds of fish always follow him. If the fisherman has an exceptional catch, then they say about him that he "fished on the kraken." In the book “History of the Nature of Norway” (1752-1753) it is written that the kraken is an animal “the size of a floating island”. It the kraken that confuses the minds of sailors and cartographers, since sailors often mistake it for an island and cannot find it a second time.

The kraken is able to grab with tentacles and pull to the bottom even the largest warship. The whirlpool that occurs when the kraken is quickly submerged on the seabed is even more dangerous for ships.

How deep do you think you can dive with this kraken?

27 cm


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