Bong is a smoking device for the 21st century. Bong cools the smoke with liquid and filters it from large particles, tar and carcinogens. The process of smoking through a bong is different from smoking other devices, since smoking through a bong occurs in small portions of the so-called Shoot, as a result of each such session you inhale all the smoke formed when you start burning weed, it is effective and economical. There are percolator bongs and bongs that allow to additionally fill the ice, in such bongs the smoke goes through additional stages of cleaning and cooling, using liquid and ice.

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Illadelph Cooling Spiral Beaker Bong 14" Glass...

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A two-component Beaker bong with blue elements and a cooling spiral surrounded by a container for glycerin or oil, which allows you to cool this part of the bong in the refrigerator and then connecting it to the Biker base with a special clip to get a more chilled bong smoking experience! Illadelph Cooling Spiral Beaker is made of Pyrex heat-resistant borosilicate glass in two colors - transparent and with gray glass downstem and spiral.

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