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1pcs Plastic Telescopic Folding...

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Regular price ₽1,316.40 Price ₽1,016.40

1pcs Plastic Telescopic Folding Portable Smoke Tube Creative Herb Tobacco Cigarette Ignescent Pipe Smoke Tube with Tubes Screens

Causual PVC Transparent Clear Woman...

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Regular price ₽999.00 Price ₽921.90

Causual PVC Transparent Clear Woman Crossbody Bags Shoulder Bag Handbag Jelly Small Phone Bags with Card Holder Wide Straps Flap

copy of Glass Bong Green Beaker Mini...

Regular price ₽3,990.00 Price ₽1,490.00

Classic small size Beaker Bong from Pyrex Glass heat-resistant borosilicate glass of transparent and green colors with the ability to use ice. Bong has prints in the form of stickers on a smoking theme, select your favorite design from the four available.

DaVinci IQ2

Regular price ₽22,990.00 Price ₽20,990.00

The DaVinci IQ2 delivers a more customizable vaping experience than its predecessor, the IQ. Durable and ergonomic, this dual-use vaporizer includes a Dosage Pod for concentrate consumption. In addition to Smart Path™ Technology and precision temperature control, the IQ2 enables tracking and ...

Flowermate Aura система нагревания...

Regular price ₽5,500.00 Price ₽4,990.00

Mini Ball силиконовая трубка для курения

Regular price ₽590.00 Price ₽250.00

Original Kingtons BLK Elfin Dry Herb...

Regular price ₽8,364.40 Price ₽6,463.40

Original Kingtons BLK Elfin Dry Herb Vaporizer 1800mAh Battery Vape Kit Ceramic Heating Herbal Vape Pen vs AMAZE Kit

Original Kingtons BLK Kiss Dry Herb...

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Regular price ₽6,738.30 Price ₽5,454.70

Original Kingtons BLK Kiss Dry Herb Vaporizer 1600mAh Battery Ceramic Heating Herbal Vaporizer With Glass Tube VS Black Mamba

PAX 2 Premium Portable Smart Vaporizer

Regular price ₽17,990.00 Price ₽15,990.00
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PAX 3 Premium Portable Smart Vaporizer

Regular price ₽20,500.00 Price ₽17,990.00
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Portable Smoking Glass Pipe Durable...

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Regular price ₽1,231.60 Price ₽1,161.60
Portable Smoking Glass Pipe Durable Delcate Tobacco Pipe Filter Cigarette Holder Gift For Father Husband Collector Cigar Pipes

Space Rocket Bong ↕︎19" / 3 chambers...

Regular price ₽7,500.00 Price ₽6,990.00

Компактный и мощный, три секции + навесной перколятор-баблер.

The Smile Face hoodie with zip lips

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Regular price ₽5,429.90 Price ₽4,067.40

Stylish hoodie without a pocket with an emoticon with a pocket with a zipper instead of a mouth, as well as a pocket on the sleeve. You can choose one of three colors.

White Tube Ice Perc Бонг ↕︎38см

Regular price ₽5,500.00 Price ₽4,500.00

Прозрачный бонг 38cm из термостойкого стекла Pyrex с фиолетовыми элементами. 

Акриловый бонг Hand Bottler ↕︎21СМ с...

Regular price ₽2,990.00 Price ₽1,990.00

Бонг Double Bubble Perc Ice ↕︎35.5СМ...

Regular price ₽4,990.00 Price ₽3,990.00

Силиконовый бонг с навесным баблером и вставкой перколятор из боросиликатного стекла в центре шахты бонга.

Бонг M134 Minigun ↕︎35СМ из стекла и...

Regular price ₽4,990.00 Price ₽3,990.00

Силиконовый бонг c шахтой из 6 цветных трубок из боросиликатного стекла. - Сам терминатор курил через такой ;)

Бонг Waxmaid Horn из стекла и...

Regular price ₽3,750.00 Price ₽2,750.00

Horn - Стеклянный Beaker бонг от компании Waxmaid  со вставками из небьющегося силикона имеет функциональный, красивый и практичный дизайн.

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