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About Bongs

Bongs is the first online store of Bongs and Vaporizers in Russia

We launched this mainstream and have been constantly changing the game since 2004!

One day in the summer of 2004, we decided to start selling the best smoking accessories in our opinion with unique design and functionality, paying special attention to devices that reduce the harm from smoking and make the process itself more comfortable. Having set such a task, we paid attention to bongs, since due to water filtration they clean and cool the smoke well, and to tobacco heating systems - vaporizers because they form steam, which is known to be safer than smoke, so in 2004 the first Russian-language Headshop appeared - online store of smoking devices

Bongs are your smoking aesthetic

In the Bongs Market online store they buy the best glass and silicone bongs with a unique design, ice bongs, bongs with a percolator system, with additional chambers for cooling and filtering smoke, bubblers, smoking pipes, vaporizers for tobacco, dry herbs, oils and WAX and CBD extracts as well as hookahs, least, rasta accessories, souvenirs and gifts.

Only new items, the best or exclusive devices, loved by thousands of smokers all over the world, get on sale! All smoking accessories, before getting into the catalog, are carefully selected by the Bongs Market test laboratory team. Many smoking accessories and products from the Bong Market range are not available in other stores.

Bongs - Your Online Shop for the Best Smoking Devices

Many products in our catalog can be bought on OZON or other sites where we are represented, for such products you will find the corresponding link under the inactive buy button. We deliver bongs and some other goods from a warehouse in Russia by transport companies SDEK or Russian Post, the buy button is active for such goods.

It is a pleasure to shop in a large and convenient Bongs catalog. All products have detailed descriptions, high-quality photos and detailed characteristics. All photos are taken in such a way that you can see the product in as much detail as possible before buying it. Many products also have a video or review. We are constantly adding new photos, reviews and videos of products to make the choice of goods as convenient and visual as possible. If you are at a loss with the choice, then we will definitely tell you which is better to choose.

The catalog of smoking accessories includes devices from companies: Invader Devices, Illadelph, Waxmaid, Weed-Star, Black Leaf, TAG, Pro Smoker, RooR, Storz & Bickel, Grenco Science, G Pen, GRAV Labs, Arizer, Ploom, PAX Labs, Juul, Airistech, Kingtons and other brands known to all smokers.

The online store allows you to place an order at any time convenient for you, in any place convenient for you where there is Internet access. The store accepts orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bongs Headshop #1 Since 2004

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